Hair Loss Treatments

Prevention is better than the cure. This saying applies to hair loss.

Regenlab Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP)

Hair loss happens when follicles shrink, cutting off roots of the strands. The lack of nourishment from follicles can lead to hair fall and stunted hair growth. PRP injections introduce new cells on the scalp to keep the follicles healthy. This allows follicles to continue nourishing strands, making them grow longer and thicker. Research shows that the treatment can improve the ability of follicles to grow more strands too. This treatment is suitable for hair concerns such as alopecia.

The treatment does not cause pain nor have any downtimes!


Laser hair regrowth treatment also known as Laser Phototherapy (LPT), is the most powerful and effective treatment for hair loss. US FDA-cleared Theradome has fused science, technology and medicine to finally solve the problem of hair loss. The cordless Theradome hair helmet harnesses the power of laser light with the click of a button. 

You can now book your Theradome treatment at Magallanes Skin and Wellness Clinic.

Hair Filler

The Hair Filler is injected to the scalp where it will slowly release active ingredients throughout a period of 2 weeks to stimulate hair follicles and cells to boost hair growth. It works to stop cell death so that healthy scalp and hair growth can be achieved. It contains 7 patented peptides that promotes blood circulation in the scalp and helps the follicles to revitalize and cause stronger hair regrowth.

REVITALIZE SCALP – provide nutrients to scalp and hair root for healthier and thicker hair

PREVENT HAIR LOSS – prevents hair cell death and delay catagen phase

RESTORE HAIR GROWTH – generate new hair follicle through stem cell activation

“Hair loss runs in my family. I’m thankful that I started my consultation with Magallanes Skin and Wellness Clinic to start my hair loss treatments early.”